Kitangle Official Press Release 8.16

Kitangle Official Press Release 8.16


SUMMARY: Local businesswoman, Kristin Olson Launches Products to Improve the Cat Litter Box Industry

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Kris Olson

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Kristin Olson, Owner of Kitangle, LLC.,

Announces Launch of the Pet Lover’s Original Angled Litter Box to Market

Bennett, CO (August, 2016) Kristin Olson is the Owner of Kitangle, in Bennett, CO, which provides modern cat litter boxes that are sensible, sturdy & stylish.

About Kristin Olson, Owner

Kitangle is a new Colorado Company launching pet products that are sensible, sturdy & stylish. The angled litter boxes are designed for the pet owner seeking unmatched functionality and a modern color palette. They come in two styles: the corner kitty and slope style with eight cool color choices. The boxes are high sided purposely for more effective urine containment and are designed to fit into small spaces, into corners and along walls nicely despite being larger boxes. They were also designed to be in plain view in your home and NOT look like a litter box.

Kristin Olson is a local physician in Colorado and owner of Kitangle, LLC.  Kris has loved and cared for many animals for over 20 years.  She is a self-described cat enthusiast and also loves dogs and horses.  You can often find her outside under the Colorado sun in her spare time playing with her animals.

Kris decided it was time for a change in her life when one of her animals was aging and having a very difficult time navigating a typical litter box.  As she searched for something better for her cat, she could not find something that was satisfactory.  This frustration led to inspiration and she began drawing out new ideas for a better, more improved cat litter box.  In a matter of several hours, she had created a line of modern litter boxes on paper and soon these ideas were patents.  The Kitangle line was born with a purpose to help cats of all ages and pet owners alike. 

Dr. Olson’s recipe for success in life is as follows: take one human, add 5 % creativity, 5 % humility, 10 % sense of humor, and 80 percent elbow grease and bake on slow heat for 30 years for the most savory results.  Then, combine with other like-minded humans for team success.  She continues her work as a physician with the additional goal of growing her business over time.

Kitangle attended SuperZoo, the National Show for Pet Retailers in Las Vegas, August 2-4th, 2016. Kitangle products were featured in the New Product Showcase. This is where the hottest products & freshest trends can be seen. They also received a raving review from Kate Benjamin, a Cat Style Expert with Hauspanther, a Premier Online Magazine for Design-Conscious Cat People at Super Zoo.

Kitangle will an exhibitor at the 6th Annual Denver Pet Expo on August 20-21st, 2016. Stop by and check out our modern pet products. FREE Admission at the Denver Merchandise Mart. Support a locally woman-owned company in Colorado.

You can reach Kitangle at 720.822.4444; or Her business website is