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“We have found Kitangle to be a real winner! Our kitty Mischief has been choosy all her life and has demonstrated her dislike of previous catboxes by finding other places to go. Now 18 years old, she has mobility issues which further shape her preferences. We needed a covered box, with high sides to keep things tidy, yet a door with a low threshold for easy access. Kitangle fit the bill and arrived within 48 hours of order.

I was pleased with its attractive appearance and sturdy construction, with the well-fitting lift-off lid; no noisy dusty clips! But would Mischief use it? I put it next to her existing box and she quickly showed a preference for Kitangle. Over time we have noticed reduced odor and less litter on the floor compared to previous boxes. It’s modern design and beautiful color add bonus points!”
Erica 8.2016


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