Tips for Success

 Kitangle Litter Box Tips to Success:

  • Just like you, your cat likes a clean bathroom!  Please clean your box daily. Scoopable litter makes it easy to get rid of waste and keeps things smelling nice.

  • Scoopable litter is strongly recommended with Kitangle products.  Our boxes are sturdy and, thus, can get heavy!  Lifting them with a full box of litter is not recommended.

  • Don’t drag your box across hard wood floors.  This could scratch the floor due to the weight of the boxes.

  • Be sure to measure your space to see if our product will fit where you desire it to go.  These are spacious boxes.  See our products page for sizing measurements.


For the first time, enjoy the view of your litter box.  It is NOT hiding! 

It is functional pet furniture in plain view!

From our home to yours…happy whiskers….and happy pet owners.