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May 4, 2019 by ZenByCat on Corner Kitty or Slope Style Litter Box

Our 24 Cats Love Kitangle Boxes 

We have 24 cats and they and us humans LOVE your litter boxes. They look cool but more importantly, they are very easy to keep clean. We have been replacing our old boxes over time and now have 12 Kitangle boxes. These will last forever and stay looking good. Smokey and all his friends highly recommend Kitangle boxes. 

Mar 30, 2019 by Tammy’s Silly Sphynx 4U on Corner Kitty or Slope Style Litter Box

Amazing Litter Box!

I am a breeder and very rare do I write reviews but I know when I am shopping for the best product out there I am always hoping someone left a honest review that I could depend on. I have male cats and have tried many boxes that have seams and still if a cat pees high I am still cleaning that seam and the smell of urine, but when I saw these boxes and the price I was like no way am I paying that price but boy I can honestly say I am glad I did and wish I could afford more but I will tell you it is a great box and hope that I can help the next person looking for that amazing litter box!

Mar 17, 2019 by Christa Stine on Corner Kitty or Slope Style Litter Box


I live in a small apartment, so space is really important. This litter box is small enough that is doesn't take up much space, but big enough for my 20lb cat! Plus, it looks nice. I would 100% buy again!

Mar 5, 2019 by Sonja F. on Corner Kitty or Slope Style Litter Box

No Leaks!

Purchased my first KitAngle at CatCon in 2018 for my cat who won't squat to pee. This box WORKS! No leaks, no pee collecting under the box, and no seams/hinges to clean pee from! It may seem a bit more expensive than the average box, but the cost of damaged floors, walls, and clean up are much more over time. I've just ordered a second box, and it cannot get here fast enough!

Mar 5, 2019 by Susan In LA on Corner Kitty or Slope Style Litter Box

Happy Customer

We purchased a white corner box and are very satisfied. At first we were dubious because of the cost (but found a slightly cheaper price at Wayfair). But I love the "box" - and I have kitty litter detail in our house. The opening is large and the removable top works well for us. The box is easy to scoop and also easy to wash - and is not too heavy. I was worried that the largest of our 4 cats would find the box too small, but he uses it and the smaller 3 cats are happy. So I am happy.

Dec 13, 2018 by ZenByCat on Corner Kitty or Slope Style Litter Box

24 Cats LOVE Kitangle Boxes

We have 24 house cats and Kitangle litter boxes are the best we have ever found. They keep the mess inside and stay clean without ever having to dump the litter and wash. We have been replacing all our boxes with Kitangle units.

Oct 5, 2018 by Shelly on Corner Kitty or Slope Style Litter Box

The Best Design

The builder, who just built our new home, built a spot in the wall for a catbox to be out of the walk way and slightly hidden. We tried several boxes, but none worked out for one reason or another. Then, I came across Kitangle. It offered EVERYTHING we were looking for in a catbox, even the color went “purrfect” with our tile and walls. This catbox is so worth every penny! Great looks and quality as well. The ease of cleaning was so much easier with this smart design. My husband mostly cleans the catbox and he is so happy, he says it’s easier to scoop out waste. And he’s happy that he no longer has a mess to clean up from the cats peeing out or over the sides, and kicking cat litter out. We own five cats, in which none are small. Two of the three feral cats weigh 25 lbs each. This catbox is perfect for the bigger cats. We both agree, it’s the best catbox we ever owned in 32 years of owning cats together. We are happy customers, and we highly recommend this company.

Aug 27, 2018 by Dan M on Corner Kitty or Slope Style Litter Box

Quality Product Made By People Who Care About Cats!!

We bought our kitangle box today at CatCon and I was remarking to my wife that neither of us hesitated even for a second on the cost of over $100 for a cat box because of the beautiful quality of it. A well-made product is easy to spot and worth the money that you have to pay for it, we feel like we will have this cat box for a long time and since we have a very tall Maine Coon cat, we know that the corner cat box that we bought will serve her well, she has already used it and approves, she gave me a high-five to tell me that she was happy with the purchase. Buy one!!!
 Dan, it was so nice meeting you at CatCon! Thank you for the wonderful review! We are so glad to hear your girl approves!
- The Kitangle Krew 

Nov 17, 2017 by Anonymous on Corner Kitty or Slope Style Litter Box

Absolutely Beautiful! Worth The Splurge!

Absolutely beautiful! Worth the splurge as the sight of regular cat boxes are just so unsightly. I would, after further tapping into my kids college funds, purchase another one of these. (Color definitely fits description on page).

Jun 7, 2017 by Peggy L. on Corner Kitty or Slope Style Litter Box

 Scrappy Loves It!

"Little Scrappy Cat loves the privacy she gets from the new Kitangle Pet Box. We use it as a pet bed/kitty hideaway for her." -Peggy L. June 2017 via Facebook

Aug 1, 2016 by Kristyn on Corner Kitty or Slope Style Litter Box

This Litter Box Gets An A+

I just got my black slope style litter box in the mail and I love it! As soon as I took it out of the box, I could tell the quality was fantastic; it looks like a piece of furniture! I love how thick and sturdy the plastic is and having it molded as one piece was brilliant! I love that there are no connectors or small nooks for urine to dry in and stink. All I have to do is remove the lid and cleaning is simple. I also really like the high sided walls to help with urine containment; no more peeing over the sides! Thank you for such a wonderful product, I love my Kitangle Box!!!



“The real  answer to cats that regularly spray outside their boxes!! I’ve purchased  four corner Kitangle boxes and I’m absolutely thrilled with the  results. NO MORE MESSES!! Big improvement over what big box pet supply  stores offer!!” 

      -Valerie Sherman Carr Jan 2018

“Absolutely  beautiful! Worth the splurge as the sight of regular cat boxes are just  so unsightly. I would, after further tapping into my kids college funds,  purchase another one of these. (Color definitely fits description on  page).”

      -Anonymous Nov 2017 via Facebook

“I have two  of these now, and I was able to get the colors I want by purchasing them  at the trade shows. Look for Kitangle at Pet Expos and Christmas shows,  etc. They are a Colorado based company with manufacturing in the US.  These boxes far surpass other “modern” litter boxes because the inside  walls clean up easier; the top comes off so the user does not have to  reach from the side, or remove another box inside the unit. It is all  self-contained. And they look great in the home! I have multiple cats  and I foster kittens for the city shelter in the spring. I wish Amazon  would carry more colors! They have brown, gray, black, creme and  purple."

      -Brenda H. Nov 2017

“I have two  of these units. One of them in my office for foster kittens. It is like  not really having a litter box in your home! They match my decor and  walls so well, and more wiping down the walls when cats are messy. Plus  the box itself cleans up easily. I have searched all modern cat litter  boxes and this one surpasses others since the lid is on top: I don’t  have to reach from the side or pull out another box to clean it.” 

     -Brenda H. Nov 2017 via Facebook -Brenda H. Nov 2017

“I love my  Kitangle! The cats love it, it blends beautifully. My friends always  think it’s a cat bed! I can’t wait to switch all my cat boxes over to  Kitangles! Thank you for an amazing product! I’m so excited to switch  over! You ladies are awesome and do have an amazing product. My new cat  went straight to it and everyone is always shocked it’s a litter box!” 

     -Erin D. August 2017 via Facebook

“I bought a  corner and a slope box. Was not sure from the photos about the sizes or  if my two cats would like them. Well they do and I love them too! Very  easy to scoop out litter ( I use World’s Best Cat Litter – Red Bag) and  the boxes look great in the two rooms they are in. very practical and  well made. Certainly worth the investment for years to come.”

     -Tony M. August 2017 via Facebook

“This is a  very sturdy, thick plastic litterbox. Well worth the price. It’s very  spacious, so even large cats can use it. Plus, it’s so aesthetically  pleasing it looks great in my living room!”

      -VegMomof2 August 2017

“I was  skeptical about spending so much for a toilet for my cat, but I couldn’t  resist the appeal of a large hooded PURPLE litterbox. I am not  disappointed. I find the stink is less because there’s no seam for urine  to settle into and the bottom/sides are so smooth that scooping is a  breeze- there’s no residue at the bottom that gets “caked on” in a gross  way. I like that there’s plenty of room inside for my cat to “do her  thang” but it still doesn’t take up a ton of floor space and it looks  GOOD.” 

     -Melanie August 2017

“Who knew  that a litter box could be loved so much? My sweet Alley Bean loves the  spacious Corner Kitty that we got from Kitangle. She often even lies on  top of her box after a busy day of playing with her ping-pong ball  around the house. As a kitty owner, I am very appreciative of our  Kitangle box. It’s durable, easy to clean, and not an eye sore in our  home. Many thanks to Kitangle owner Kris… You’ve designed a wonderful  litter box!” 

      -Holly F. June 2017 via Facebook

“Little Scrappy Cat loves the privacy she gets from the new Kitangle Pet Box. We use it as a pet bed/kitty hideaway for her.” 

      -Peggy L. June 2017 via Facebook

“Works  great! We’ve had issues with urine seeping out of the seam between the  base and top of other boxes but this one solves the problem.” 

      -M. Cornwell June 2017

“I’m beyond  impressed with this item. It looks great and is a huge step up from  those cheap plastic boxes that snap together. What used to be a nasty  cleanup process is now a breeze. I had a hard time wrapping my head  around the price, but took a chance and I am soo glad I did! You won’t  be disappointed. I will only purchase these boxes from now on!” 

-Nicole B. May 2017

“Stank  fighter, fits in the bathroom, discrete. Cats give it four paws up! I  have two very unique cats with unique problems. One geriatric old gal  whose bones aren’t treating her like the used to, and due to a high fat  diet (for her kidney failure), has the stinkiest poops ever. And one  young male who is super tall and lanky, and enjoys peeing all over the  sides of litter boxes. The female cat is able to get in/out easily and  had no problems adjusting to the new box. We used to be able to tell  when she pooped from all the way across the house; now you can only  smell it when you’re in close proximity to the box. The fact that my  whole house doesn’t smell like cat poop any more is incredible–well  worth the price to have my sanity and olfactory system not constantly  overwhelmed. For the male cat, he actually fits in the box (some he is  too tall for). He didn’t have any problems adjusting either. No longer  is there a faint pee smell coming from the box–I wipe it out with an  unscented Clorox wipe once a week and the smell is non-existent. Not  only does it smell better, but he is more communal with the box now.  With all his own pee stink around him, he used to hide and try to attack  the other cat when she came to use it. Now that it doesn’t have his  stank around all the time, he has stopped guarding all together. This  box is the friggen’ best and I’m so happy to have bought it. It is super  sturdy and I don’t have to worry about it cracking like some of my old  plastic ones would. Oh, and my poop-eating dog cannot fit in to it, so  its a win-win-win all around. I’m thinking about getting a second one  for a cozy little house for them, since they both like hanging out on  top of it so much.” 

      -Kate Schmidt-Kish May 2017 via Facebook

“I don’t do  reviews often, but rely on them heavily when I purchase something. I  feel compelled now to do so. I have 5 cats and I have been looking for a  long time for new litter boxes. I can’t believe how awesome these are.  The walls are high and the box large enough for my big cats, which was  exactly what I needed. It is easy to clean and it looks so cool. I  couldn’t be happier, really. The cats seem to like them too. Cats are  creatures of habit, they sometimes need a little time to adjust to new  things and luckily mine adjusted quickly. These may seem a bit  expensive, but if you are looking for something stylish and have high  ‘aimers,’ this is the box to get. Remember, the box itself is the litter  box, so all you have to do is add litter, it doesn’t really get much  easier. One last thing, it is very well made. Hope this was helpful.” 🙂 

     -Koobashii April 2017

“Very sturdy  and durable, as well as attractive. Looks nice with or without the lid,  and even the highest peeing of cats cannot pee outside the box. My  biggest cat is 19 pounds and it is big enough for him. It’s a little  heavy and unwieldy when it’s time to dump and scrub, but otherwise it’s  perfect and absolutely worth every penny. Would buy again.” 

      -C. Davis March 2017

“GREAT  FIND!! Cats love this box; owner loves this box. Large box and xtra high  walls are so helpful…no more cat urine on walls, yeah ????!” 

      -Melody March 2017

“If you are  thinking ‘am I really going to spend over $100 on a litter box?!’ stop  thinking and do it! I was very surprised when the package arrived and I  pulled out the litter box. It is very heavy gauge plastic, not your  typical litter box or plastic storage container thickness, and extremely  well built. It fits nicely in my small guest bathroom yet is big enough  for my large Maine Coon. Plus it looks really cool! And it’s purple!” 

     -Silky Sifaka March 2017

“This is a  great modern litter box, well made and very stylish. My three cats used  it immediately when the litter was inside and placed in the bathroom. I  did not use the lid as my cats do not like covered litter boxes but it  looks good even without the lid. The litter box is very easy to clean  and litter does not stick on the sides or bottom. The high sides are a  real plus. The cats are happy with their new bathroom. I highly  recommend this litter box.” 

      -Tashi January 2017

“FINALLY, a  nice looking box you won’t mind in your home! Best cat litter box ever…  Fabulous quality and craftsmanship. After buying and replacing boxes for  years, this one is a keeper and worth the cost. The plastic is  thick/heavy and sturdy, and the box is very well made. Love the modern  design. WISH it came in a true white color or ivory instead of beige.  Eventually plan to get the other style that fits in the corner. You  won’t be disappointed in the investment!”

     -CityKitty January 2017

“I got my  black slope style litter box in the mail and I love it! As soon as I  took it out of the box, I could tell the quality was fantastic; it looks  like a piece of furniture! I love how thick and sturdy the plastic is  and having it molded as one piece was brilliant! I love that there are  no connectors or small nooks for urine to dry in and stink. All I have  to do is remove the lid and cleaning is simple. I also really like the  high sided walls to help with urine and litter containment; no more  peeing over the sides! Thank you for such a wonderful product, I love my  Kitangle Box and definitely plan to buy another one!!!” 

      -Anonymous January 2017 

“This  product is excellent. Well made, will last forever. I love that the  sides are higher than regular boxes, the litter stays in the box! My  bigger fluffier cat used to not like the cover on, but us humans really  wanted the cover to reduce smells. With this box, we can have both! We  keep the top on and my fluffy cat will still go in because the opening  is so large. Clean up is easy too, the corners are flush and sides are  flat, making the litter release easy. Love all the color choices too! (I  have two cats and one Kitangle angled box)” 

     -Laura December 2016 via Facebook

“I got my purple slope style box, my 4 cats use it every day and love it!” 

     -Sandra October 2016 via Facebook      


 “I  love this product. I purchased the cream colored corner box and it  blends perfectly with the walls of my bathroom. My two kitties,  Aphrodite de Luna and Mr. Cheddar Cheese, love the extra space and the  smooth side walls that let me scrape off used litter with no trouble.  They are both very fastidious and enjoy how clean the box continues to  be. But one of the best things is that the high sides and top access  have ended completely the problem I had when my kitties (especially  Aphrodite, who has arthritis and does likes to urinate standing)  urinated over the top of other litter boxes so that the urine dribble  onto my baseboards and floor. No more damaged and smelly baseboards.  Thanks so much Kitangle.” 

      – User Kisthene3 September 2016 via Etsy 

“My cat  Gritty is a large male cat that normally flings quite a bit of cat  litter out of the box when covering his “activities”. The sloped box has  an entrance and sides that are tall enough to accommodate his  enthusiastic swiping while keeping the litter inside. There is less  litter flung out of the box and thus less tracked around the house as  well. I especially like how the lid slides off making it easy to access  and scoop the litter. The material is very sturdy and yet not too heavy.  Best of all it doesn’t look like a cat box! Most cat boxes are  unmistakable …. usually domed/hinged affairs that do not fit into your  livable space. The Kitangle box is more aesthetic and I like the choice  of colors! I would definitely recommend this box.” 

     -Edna September 2016 via Facebook

“We have  found Kitangle to be a real winner! Our kitty Mischief has been choosy  all her life, and has demonstrated her dislike of previous catboxes by  finding other places to go. Now 18 years old, she has mobility issues  which further shape her preferences. We needed a covered box, with high  sides to keep things tidy, yet a door with a low threshold for easy  access. Kitangle fit the bill, and arrived within 48 hours of order. I  was pleased with its attractive appearance and sturdy construction, with  the well-fitting lift-off lid; no noisy dusty clips! But would Mischief  use it? I put it next to her existing box and she quickly showed a  preference for Kitangle. Over time we have noticed reduced odor and less  litter on the floor compared to previous boxes. It’s modern design and  beautiful color add bonus points!” 

     –Erica August 2016

“I purchased  a corner style litter box from Kitangle a month ago and I love it! It  fits into my decor perfectly and my small living quarters. It acts as an  end table next to the toilet in the bathroom. I would recommend them to  anyone! I also sell them in my pet boutique in Denver. My customers  love them! I do not have odor coming from my litter box any longer!!”

     -Meredith Brooks August 2016 Lil’ Angel Pet Boutique & Gallery

“My kitty  Reggae LOVES his new Kitangle! He loves the spaciousness and the privacy  (with the removal top!) and I love the smooth surface that makes it  much easier to clean than a typical litter box. The outer appearance of  the box is inconspicuous in a room full of furniture, and I love that  you can select the color of your choice to match your decor. While on  vacation, my kitty has been at a friend’s house, and even out of his  normal environment, Reggae still loves his Kitangle and has no problem  knowing where his box is. I would highly recommend this box to anyone  with a cat! You will love the versatility of the box’s colors and shapes  (to match your own style), removal top and the easily cleaned interior,  and your kitty will love the privacy and the extra room.” 

     -Brianna August 2016

“I just got  my black slope style litter box in the mail and I love it! As soon as I  took it out of the box, I could tell the quality was fantastic; it looks  like a piece of furniture! I love how thick and sturdy the plastic is  and having it molded as one piece was brilliant! I love that there are  no connectors or small nooks for urine to dry in and stink. All I have  to do is remove the lid and cleaning is simple. I also really like the  high sided walls to help with urine containment; no more peeing over the  sides! Thank you for such a wonderful product, I love my Kitangle  Box!!!” 

     -Kristyn, CO August 2016

“I love  mine! It’s the first litter box I’ve seen that comes in different  colors. And it fits great in the corner where we have ours. The cats  took right to it. They don’t even use the old one anymore, that we left  out just in case. We’ll never use the old style again.” 

      –Rich July 2016

“I have the  Kitangle Slope Style and its the most amazing litterbox – my 6-year-old  polydactyl (seven toes) agrees! There are several things to love – the  smooth inner surface which allows for easy scooping, overall  spaciousness, and the modern color and design which allows it to blend  in with my home’s décor (almost like a piece of furniture) are all key  features that make this litter box stand out from others I’ve owned.  However, the high ceiling/easy lift off top is my absolute favorite  feature – it makes for quick clean-ups so its easy to stay sanitary and  tidy. My kitty prefers a covered box (likes the privacy) but unlike  traditional boxes, there is no mid-line crack for my kitty to “aim” for –  those extra toes can mean extra clean-up with other boxes we’ve used –  but not this one. We love our Kitangle!” 

      -Leslie July 2016

“It fits into spaces nicely and the cats preferred it over the other box. The height is great for large breed cats.” 

     -Kristin E. September 2015

“My husband  and I have been using the Kitangle litter box for about 4 months now. We  could not be more pleased. We have two cats, Olive and Wyatt and the  box works perfectly for both of them. We have found that the design of  the box, which fits into the corner of our laundry room, minimized the  amount of litter that end up on the floor. One of our cats is quite  overweight and sometime has trouble moving around certain spaces but she  is able to get in and out of the box very easy. The color matches our  washer-dryer (we have the cherry red color) and makes the laundry room  look more put together and stylish. We are very happy with this product  and highly recommend it.” 

     -Galia & Mike August 2015

“In May of  2015, we had the privilege to test out the larger – corner style –  litter box by Kitangle with our five cats, ranging in ages from 1.5 to  13 years. They have since departed from using their original two closed  top litter boxes, to make this new one their #1 favorite. And man,  does Kitangle get slammed!!! Further more it blends in with our  furniture. It’s beauty lays also in it’s simplicity, as it opens and  cleans very easy. Yes, I would highly recommend Kitangle litter box to  all the spoiled, four-legged fur-babies out there!” 

     -Suzanne & Mike, Centennial, CO July 2015

“I love,  love, this litter box!  My girls immediately laid claim to it as soon as  I set it up. They stopped using the other boxes in the house and only  use this one. Not only is it a beautiful decorative piece, it is hands  down the easiest litter box I have ever had to clean.  Friends have  thought it was a kitty playhouse until I showed them it was actually  their bathroom. I would recommend this box (and have) to anyone looking  to update their old plastic litter boxes, who also want to update their  living space. Bonus: the smell is almost non existent!” 

     -Anedra, Aurora July 2015

“I have been  using the Kitangle litter box for several months and love it. It is big  and roomy, my 2 cats love it. I love that the opening is high enough  that my little girl can’t “sweep” the litter out of the box when she is  tidying up. It looks good in the room and is easy to clean.” 

     -Sarah July 2015

“Being a  little OC myself and having a cat who is so OC that I call him The  Litter Police, I cannot say enough good things about Kitangle. For me,  Kitangle is the most attractive litter box I have ever used. It is easy  to clean and the smooth interior makes it easy to scoop used litter. The  high sides prevent spillover and the lift off top makes scooping easy.  For The Litter Police, who has some Maine Coon in him, Kitangle is large  enough for him to maneuver without soiling his pristine paws. I hope  you enjoy Kitangle as much as we do.” 

     -Margaret July 2015

“I have 2  geriatric cats ages 17 and 19. They love the new litterbox. The step in  is so much easier for their back legs and the overhead space is more  than sufficient. Personally I love the material the litter box consists  of and how easily it scoops clean. The top is easy to remove, no more  struggling with the clamps or locks. The customized look and color  choices are also wonderful. I have always had cats in my life and wish I  had access to this superior product years ago!” 

     -Peggy July 2015

“As a  Veterinarian I was never a fan of covered litter boxes.  However, after  trying the Kitangle litter box I was pleasantly surprised how much my  cats seem to prefer it over there larger open one.  Suspect it is  because of the higher height and large door space. It is also easy to  clean. Because of its style it is not easily recognized as a litter box  allowing for more flexibility in placement where an open litter box  might be objectionable.” 

     -Local Vet- Mary Kay July 2015